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AWS, GCP, eDC, and IBM cloud connectivity platforms

Design, deploy, and host solutions for cloud architectures faster and better than existing methods.

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建立雲端入口網站,創新生態運營商服務- 一站式滿足客戶需求

雲端服務在NIST(National Institute Standards & Technology)提出的要旨是低成本、取得資源速度快跟自取式的方式,如同到自助餐廳用餐自行取用,秤重計價或是吃到飽,消費者無需自行下廚準備餐點,就可以用餐,但你有可曾想過使用雲端服務可以如此便捷嗎? …

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CSM實現AWS to Azure跨雲搬遷

CSM雲端搬遷程序和方法,能將AWS EC2搬遷到Azure上,且無須對EC2和應用程式進行預先修改,讓您不會被單一雲服務商 (Cloud Provider) 綁住,CSM搬遷程序有三部分:1.建立映像檔(Image)、2.複製(Replication)、3.搬遷部署(Migration Deployment),只需這三個程序,就可將雲端上的虛擬機服務搬移到另一個雲服務商。


雲動者 AirsecQ _中小企業資安的好幫手

針對中小企業(公司人數約在50人以下)設計的資安管理服務, 透過雲動者的系統,提升資安的防護能力。



協助經銷商夥伴提升客戶端資安防護能力。 歡迎有興趣的經銷夥伴報名參加招商說明會。




Committed to Solutions

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We give you a visualized design tool to design cloud architecture and manage cloud architecture in a faster and better manner than current methodologies. You can view the cloud service resource utilization and optimize cloud architecture through the CSP cloud management platform after deploying cloud architecture.

TakenDR is a totally cloud DR & Backup solution and also a disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Both physical server and virtual machine can migrate to the cloud (P2C/V2C) for failover and recover during planned and unplanned outages.

eDC utilizes its data center operations experience in cloud to develop the Cloud Smart Portal (CSP), a cloud management platform, which can assist enterprises rapidly to develop their owned intelligent self-service mode of private cloud and provides a complete life-cycle management of cloud resources

InspireOz is an ITSM platform completely based on the ITIL architecture with total integration of management functions including incident management, problem management, change management, release management, service management and configuration management database (CMDB) and approval management. Inspireoz can realize to perform effective unified management via three key elements of IT service management – process, personnel, and product technology.

SAFE 3.0 is a professional-level management system aiming at event log collection, preservation, analysis and auditing. It applies NoSQL database technology. It provides a keyword search function, as well as provides extensive reports that are compliant with the rules. It helps the analyzer to accelerate operational efficiency.